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Young Adult Perspective

10 Nov

Rosie Sauvageau’s Ted Talk about diversity


Erase Exclusion

26 Jul


Faithful – But Not Religious

17 Jul

From the Faith Blog in the Washington Post, a millennial speaks out:

“… my generation is looking for a community of faith in the face of increasing secularism and hostility to religious convictions. If we were giving up on our faith in God – regardless of denomination – then more of us would be atheists and fewer of us would identify as “spiritual.” Surrounded by a culture skeptical of convictive religious belief, we are simply looking for the support of a community.”

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Millennials: Pew Research Report

26 Mar

This is a really well done report on the Millennials.


And they also have a quiz so you can compare your norms to the norms of Millennials: http://pewresearch.org/millennials