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Author Release Form

Prayers for InclusionAuthor Release Form – 52 Prayers Project

If your prayer is selected, you will be sent an Author Release Form for completion. You will be able to complete it digitally, or have the option of printing it out and mailing it. (Sample Below)

Assignment, Release and Waiver

In submitting a prayer, article or story (Material) for consideration for the 52 Prayers Project  published by Stained Glass Spirit / Tracy Brown (SGS), I acknowledge that I have read, acknowledged and agreed to the following:

  • That I retain original copyright for the Material submitted but grant and authorize Stained Glass Spirit / Tracy Brown (SGS) the right to use, publish, copy, display (and authorize the use, publication or display of) the Material in whole or in part, on its website, in its ebooks, or other printed or digital forms, edited or unedited.
  • That by submitting the Material I grant SGS the right to use my name, image, words in whole or in part, in the publicity, advertising and promotional materials of the 52 Prayers Project (if so desired and at SGS’s discretion).
  • I acknowledge that this is a marketing or promotional opportunity for my ministry, website and/or blog. That in submitting a prayer, article or story to SGS I acknowledge that in exchange for the placement of said Material I will receive the following:
    • Bio (maximum of 55 words)
    • Live link from Bio to your website
    • In some cases a photo may be included with bio
    • Name and link in text format on the www.StainedGlassSpirit.net and/or a 52 Prayers Project website
  • That in submitting my Material to SGS I acknowledge and understand that content from the 52 Prayers Project may be sold through SGS without payment, royalty or obligations to the Undersigned as long as proper attribution to me as the author is given.

By signing below I warrant and represent that the Material is my original work and product, owned totally by me, unencumbered and not copyrighted or otherwise protected by any other person or source and that I can grant these rights without violating the rights of any other person. I release, waive and discharge SGS, the Assignee, from any liability or claim arising out of the use of Material as provided for herein.

Agreed to on this date:                                                                                                                      


Printed Name (and pen name, if applicable):                                                                                   


City, State, Zip, Country:                                                                                                                    

Phone Number:                                                                                                                                  

E-Mail Address:                                                                                                                                  

  • Digitally complete and sign this form then email to: PrayerCall@earthlink.net
  • OR Print, complete and mail your signed Author Release Form to: Stained Glass Spirit / PO Box 12866 / Dallas TX 75225

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