52 Prayers Project

Prayers for InclusionWhat is the 52 Prayers Project?

It is a collection of 52 prayers affirming the link between inclusion and Oneness.  The prayers are written by men, women and children from all over the United States representing a variety of New Thought spiritual communties.

How will the 52 prayers be used?

During calendar year 2014, a new prayer will be posted to the website each week. Plus, all 52 prayers will be available for purchase in both ebook and printed book formats.

Can I submit a prayer?

Yes! Please review the submission requirements and then if you are still interested, send your prayer to prayercall@earthlink.net.

What are the submission requirements?

  1. All prayers should affirm the connection between inclusion and Oneness. We are interested in affirmative prayer that reminds us to value diversity and to recognize diversity is part of the Divine Design. Prayers that support the creation of spiritual communities where inclusion of diversity is a part of the culture are welcome. And prayers that encourage individuals to recognize the link between inclusion and their personal spiritual practice are also wanted.
  2. Please include your prayer, your bio, and a photo all attached to the same email message.
  3. Only MS Word files are accepted. We prefer 14point type, Calibri font, with the file name following the format: 52Prayers-YourName. (i.e. 52Prayers-DonnaSimpson.doc)
  4. Bio should be 55 words or less and must be at the bottom of the prayer. It may include a link to your website or your email address where you can be contacted. Discount offers and coupon codes can be included but only in text format.
  5. Please send a Hi resolution jpeg photo (maximum file size 1MB). Your photo file name should include your first and last name, i.e. DonnaSimpson.jpg. We reserve the right to use your prayer and bio without a photo if the photo you supply is grainy or low quality.
  6. Send your prayer to PrayerCall@earthlink.net and fax a signed Author Release Form to 1.800.290.5631.
  7. If your prayer is selected you will be required to provide a signed Author Release Form by fax or mail.
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