Diversity, Spirituality & Inclusion

Master Class Series


Coming May 1, 2014

A “master class” is a learning experience taught by an expert to a group of advanced students. Typically used in the performing arts, a master class focuses on behavior, implementation and skill-building technique instead of foundational theory or basic exercises.

The Intentionally Inclusive Master Class Series assumes you are already committed to attracting diversity and creating inclusion. Each course provides practical actions you can take to assess and improve the results you are experiencing related to diversity and inclusion in your spiritual community.

Unintentionally Unwelcome

  • Recognize your myths, mistakes and missed opportunities

Diversity Welcome Factor

  • Evaluate your mission, mindset and membership

Inclusion Worship Factor

  • Update your music, message and models

Outrageous Outreach

  • Consider your ministry, marketing and metrics

Exceptional Engagement

  • Revamp your motives, meetings and management

Register for each course individually for $125 each

Master Class Format

  • On Demand on-line courses you can begin any time and work through  based on YOUR schedule.
  • Combination of written lessons, individual assignments, recorded video content, audio files and pdf downloads in each course
  • Personalized coaching in response to your specific questions via email
  • Module based organization so you can go step-by-step in a logical sequence. 
  • A system that allows you to mark what you have completed so you can easily track your own progress
  • Course content is accessible by most computers, iPhones, Android smartphones, and tablets. Learn at home, at work or on the go!
  • Some courses also include a discussion forum where students can interact with one another

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