Intentionally Inclusive™

Intentionally Inclusive™ is part of the Discussing Diversity podcast. Each episode features candid conversations with leaders who are engaged with diversity and inclusion in a wide variety of ways. The focus is building spiritual communities that are intentionally inclusive. You’ll hear stories about real-life experiences that made people feel valued (or not). And there are practical tips about adapting your music, your message and your marketing to best serve your members and visitors.

Hosted by Tracy Brown, RScP

Special Event: Stained Glass Spirit Seminar

Join in every Monday during the month of July 2019 for a special series designed to help you become a more effective champion for diversity and inclusion in your church or spiritual community.

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Each week, Tracy will

  1. Highlight the key message from a section of her book: Stained Glass Spirit: Becoming a Spiritual Community Where Oneness Does Not Require Sameness.
  2. Go deeper into the theme for that section with additional examples.
  3. Provide suggestions for transforming your awareness into action.
  4. Facilitate discussion among the participants
  5. Respond to questions about the content from that section.
  6. Reinforce the spiritual mandate for inclusive leadership.

Registration includes 5 Webinars  + Access to 2 or more videos each week + Ability to post specific questions for discussion + Online community with other students to support sharing effective practices and resources between sessions.

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