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It’s not worth learning something new unless you are committed to becoming someone new.” 

(Tracy Brown)

Thank you for participating in Inclusive! Ideas and Resources for Leaders of Multicultural Ministries. I hope the resources below will support your continued exploration of this topic. 

Please know you can reach out to me any time at for additional ideas, suggestions or coaching. Or visit any of the websites below:  | | | |

HANDOUT: Inclusive! Ideas and Resources

Inclusion In Action

Download 31 Daily Guides focused on inclusion, written for the August 2020 edition of Science of Mind Magazine.  SoM_Aug2020_Daily_Guides

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From Hatred to Harmony

A One-Day Summit where Tracy talked with New Thought leaders about the Spiritual Foundation for Anti-Racism Work:

  • Dr. David Alexander
  • Rev. Sunday Cote
  • Rev Celeste Frazier
  • Rev. D. Jacquelyn Edwards
  • Rev. Masando Hiraoka
  • Detra Johnson, RScP
  • Rev. Linda Martella-Whitsett
  • Rev. Stephen Rambo
  • Dr. John Waterhouse
  • Dr. Petra Weldes

The Stained Glass Spirit Book

Stained Glass Spirit: Becoming a Spiritual Community Where Oneness Does Not Require Sameness by Tracy Brown

The book is organized into five sections:

  1. Diversity is a Divine Idea
  2. Multicultural is (Sometimes) Messy
  3. Inclusion Requires Action
  4. Walking the Talk
  5. Intentionally Inclusive

Paperback:  |  Kindle:

Conversations with Ministers about the Book

Click on the Discussing Diversity graphic image  to access a PDF Document with links to conversations about each section of the Stained Glass Spirit book: Tracy talks about the book with Dr. David Ault, Rev. Karen Tudor, Rev. Masando Hiraoka, Rev. Alex Escudero, Rev. Brian Akers, Dr. Michael Gott, Dr. Petra Weldes, Rev. Sharon Ketchum, Rev Andriette Earl

Intentionally Inclusive Podcast

What does it mean to be “intentionally inclusive” in our spiritual communities? Tracy interviewed 13 people to learn what it meant, why it’s important and how they navigate this topic.

Selected interviews from the Intentionally Inclusive Series

Afraid I Will Offend

Link to Afraid I Will Offend - 30 min Live

What is the #1 fear related to talking about race, racism and race relations? “I am afraid I will offend.” In this quick 30 minute Facebook Live session, Tracy talks about:

  1. Why are people afraid they will offend?
  2. Why this is neither logical nor helpful.
  3. The hidden belief(s) demonstrated by this mindset.
  4. What you can do to get over this fear!

Thought Provoking Videos

  1. To Speak Up for Inclusion, We Need to Speak About Inclusion:
  2. Why Social Justice Work is Religious:
  3. How Churches Can Address Hidden Feelings of Prejudice and Racism:
  4. Spiritual Activism: Rev Dereca Blackmon at CSLDallas (2017):

P.S. If you are ready to create, or expand, the culture in your church or spiritual community to be more inclusive, don’t skip the five videos that are specifically about framing your Stained Glass Spirit Strategy on this site. None of them are longer than 10 minutes. All of them give you the grounding you need to choose your next steps.

What is Mine to Do?

If you are specifically interested in the impact of racism, visit the site.

Or join the very active Facebook Group where we daily ask ourselves: What is mine to do to interrupt or end race-based hatred and violence?

Standing on Holy Ground Summit

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Other Books by Tracy Brown

Tracy’s Author Page

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