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Attract Diversity & Create Inclusion: 7 Suggestions for Leaders in Spiritual Communities

April and May Dates Will be Posted Soon!

In this webinar, Tracy will give you 7 specific actions you can use to attract, engage and retain a broader range of people. It will be fun, fast and full of practical information you can apply immediately.

Stained Glass Spirit Seminar

Join in for a special series designed to help you become a more effective champion for diversity and inclusion in your church or spiritual community. Returning Soon!

Each week, Tracy will

  1. Highlight the key message from a section of her book: Stained Glass Spirit: Becoming a Spiritual Community Where Oneness Does Not Require Sameness
  2. Go deeper into the theme for that section with additional examples
  3. Offer suggestions for transforming your personal awareness into action
  4. Describe strategies you can use with staff, volunteers and congregants
  5. Facilitate discussion among the participants
  6. Respond to questions about the content from that section
  7. Reinforce the spiritual mandate for inclusive leadership.

$499 $297 (or less with early registration) Registration includes 5 Webinars  + Access to 2 or more videos each week + Ability to post specific questions for discussion + Online community with other students to support sharing effective practices and resources between sessions.

Returning Soon!

Teleseminars, Webinars & Webcasts

Add to your knowledge or skills with engaging and educational sessions offered by phone, online or via recording. Bookmark this page and check back regularly for updates to this list! 

Talking about the Tough Topics

Stereotypes. Bias. Internalized Oppression. Privilege & Entitlement. When challenges arise that require us to face race, sexual orientation, language barriers, accommodating disabilities and other cultural blind spots directly, most of us just want these conversations to go away. We want to pretend these situations aren’t happening. We tell the diversity champions in our organizations to avoid talking about sensitive issues;  but that’s neither practical or possible. In this webinar, Tracy will give you some definitions and some models you can use to prepare yourself to lead meaningful dialogue about real-world challenges. You will also receive tips on ways to integrate meaningful sharing and spiritually grounded ritual to support individual and group healing around these sensitive topics. 

Three Sides of Inclusion

This webinar is an overview of the Stained Glass Spirit approach to attracting diversity and creating inclusion in spiritual communities. It includes explanations about key concepts including “oneness not sameness” and can be considered an introduction to the topics offered in the master class series.

Intentionally Inclusive Master Class Series

  • Unintentionally Unwelcome
  • Diversity Welcome Factor
  • Inclusion Worship Factor
  • Outrageous Outreach
  • Exceptional Engagement

Tracy Live at Your Location

Bring Tracy to your Center for a Sunday Talk, a weekday evening service or to deliver informational and interactive seminars and workshops. Contact us to confirm availability and to discuss pricing.

Sunday/Wednesday Talks

  • Look in the Mirror
  • All Different – All Alike
  • Oneness Not Sameness (& Unity Doesn’t Require Uniformity)
  • The Individualization of God
  • Stained Glass Spirit
  • I am Love;  I am Inclusion

Seminars and Workshops

  • From Namaste to Ubuntu
  • Oneness is not Sameness
  • Oneness in Action
  • Outrageous Outreach!
  • Stained Glass Spirit Leadership
  • Stained Glass Spirit Alliances
  • Stained Glass Spirit Teams
  • Holding Hands with God


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