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Stop. Bad. Behavior.

Get tips on interrupting racist behavior. Move from being a bystander to someone who speaks up.

Pay What You Can Special in Honor of The National Day of Healing Racism

National Day of Healing Racism: 1/16/18

Join us in honoring the National Day of Healing Racism.

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Look Within Before Judging Others

In honor of National Day of Healing Racism, we’re offering a deep dive web-based dialogue session. The cost is perfect: pay what you can. But you must participate live, there will be no recording. And participation is limited to 16 people because it’s an intense … and intensely personal … process.

Click here for the morning session.

Click here for the evening session

Don’t be a Bystander to Racism

Tuesday, January 16 | 7:30pm CST

Pay What You Can | Register Here

Learn to Interrupt Racism


January 16 2018 | 7:30pm CST via ZOOM

Pay What You Can | Register Here

#ndohr   #minetodo

Kwanzaa Calendar

Kwanzaa Calendar

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