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Inclusion in Action! August Guide for Spiritual Living

1 Aug

August 2020 Issue of The Guide for Spiritual Living (Science of Mind Magazine) features daily guides written by Tracy Brown.


March 5 is Only 4 Weeks Away

6 Feb


2020 SGS Seminar Tile



SGS Seminar Starts March 5

23 Jan

2020 SGS Seminar Tile

Join in on Thursdays from March 6 through April 2 for a special series designed to help you become a more effective champion for diversity and inclusion in your church or spiritual community.

More than a book study, this seminar series gives you different tools and resources to lay a solid foundation for inclusion in your spiritual community.

Stained Glass Spirit Seminar Series

30 Mar

Monday afternoons in July ….

Each week, Tracy will

  • Highlight the key message from a section of her book: Stained Glass Spirit: Becoming a Spiritual Community Where Oneness Does Not Require Sameness
  • Go deeper into the theme for that section with additional examples
  • Offer suggestions for transforming your personal awareness into action
  • Describe strategies you can use with staff, volunteers and congregants
  • Facilitate discussion among the participants
  • Respond to questions about the content from that section
  • Reinforce the spiritual mandate for inclusive leadership.

$299 Registration is a great value. Register early and save even more. See ticket page for current discounts.


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December 2018

1 Dec

Lots of exciting news to share!

Later this month, the new STAINED GLASS SPIRIT book will become available. It focuses on WHY spiritual communities and leaders of spiritual communities should care about diversity and inclusion.

Since it’s coming out during the middle of all the winter holidays, I’m not planning alot of promotional activities until the first quarter of 2019. But there will be a big launch day with a live webinar and maybe a watch party on Facebook.

Stay tuned!


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