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Cross Cultural Conversations

Make Your Cross-Cultural Conversations Productive: Ten Guidelines by [Brown, Tracy]

Learn to engage in heart-opening conversations that result in better teamwork, stronger communities and personal self-growth.

Make Your Cross Cultural Conversations Productive: Ten Guidelines by Tracy Brown http://amzn.to/2FDR0dB

Sensitivity vs. Censorship

Thank you, Ava De Leon. This is an excellent distinction between sensitivity and censorship. And a reminder that censorship is happening all the time by those who are in the dominant culture deciding what is good, right, better, believable, important, etc.

When I was writing my novel Uptown Thief in 2011, I got a sex worker activist to read it. I was writing about sex workers and their fight for justice. I wanted to get my portrayals right, so I had an activist from that community read the book. I got a ton of notes and […]

via Sensitivity Readers and the White Male Imagination — Aya de Leon


Bias. Discrimination. Oppression.



Love, Respect and Freedom

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Respecting All Paths

What happens when someone prays in public?


And what happens when someone praying in public is harassed?

Freedom and Diversity

Not Afraid of Diversity

Blessed are the one who lives in love, respect and dedication.

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