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Multicultural Church: First Steps

15 Mar

Multicultural Church: important tips

Faithful – But Not Religious

17 Jul

From the Faith Blog in the Washington Post, a millennial speaks out:

“… my generation is looking for a community of faith in the face of increasing secularism and hostility to religious convictions. If we were giving up on our faith in God – regardless of denomination – then more of us would be atheists and fewer of us would identify as “spiritual.” Surrounded by a culture skeptical of convictive religious belief, we are simply looking for the support of a community.”

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Impact not Intent

2 Jan

Most people are against discrimination, but it’s more important to be FOR love. The real issue is not what we are against but what we stand for. It’s time to get out of denial about who we avoid and who we make welcome. Stretch your comfort level so no one feels left out or ignored.

Quick Poll

20 Nov

Welcome New Members

28 Jun

Do you attract visible diversity in your new members and visitors?
Are you aware of the invisible diversity in your new members and visitors?
Do you engage your current members in the support of new members and visitors?
Do the words shared make it clear that diversity is an integral part of your center or church?