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Gay + Christian

13 Jul

Stereotypes about Gay Men

15 Aug

Educate. Stop the madness.

Stereotypes: Just Stop!

12 Aug

Gender Neutral Restrooms

5 Feb

I think this is the first conference I’ve attended where “Gender Neutral” restrooms were the norm. The regular signage (men/women) was covered up with signs designating the restrooms as gender neutral in all areas where Creating Change attendees were the only hotel guests using that area of the hotel.

What is a gender neutral restroom? Well basically each stall is still private but any person can use any bathroom. There were also “family friendly” options available in some areas to support attendees needing baby-changing stations, etc.


Spiritual Jeopardy

4 Feb

The Faith Partnership Project from the California Faith for Equality staff. . . wow! Supporting mutual understanding between faith communities and LGBTQ communities. A highlight from their presentation was a game of SPIRITUAL JEOPARDY. (Yes . . . it was a takeoff on the game show Jeopardy).

The categories used to demonstrate the game:

  1. Oy Vey, That’s So Gay!

  2. Friend or Fire?

  3. What Would Buddha Do?

Who says you can’t have fun when dealing with serious issues?