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Spirituality & Diversity

It was so much fun talking with Kimjera, Lezli and Sonia about the connection between spirituality, diversity and inclusion.  Go listen!

Sexy Spirituality Podcast 12.10.18 Spirituality and Diversityhttps://buff.ly/2Gbxw4J 

Beyond Sunday

What are you doing to reach people who aren’t interested in your Sunday morning service? Discussion groups? Concerts? Classes?




“A man of honor should never forget what he is because he sees what others are.”

Baltasar Gracian

A Bigger Table

A Bigger Table: Building Messy, Authentic, and Hopeful Spiritual Community

by John Pavlovitz

John Pavlovitz is a pastor, writer and activist from Wake Forest, North Carolina. He describes himself as committed to equality, diversity and justice – both inside and outside faith communities.

This book recognizes that “When the table you’re used to sitting at is small, so too is your understanding of those seated elsewhere.” And it goes into what it takes to change your own understanding of the world so you can develop relationships that reflect great diversity and lay the foundation for inclusion and justice.

Click on book cover for more information, or visit: http://amzn.to/2p1c9aG



Inspired & Committed People

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“Neither policy nor position can block the passion of inspired and committed people.”

Tracy Brown

Inclusion is a Moral Choice

Are you ready to be a “moral defibrillator” shocking people in your community, state, region and nation back to a healthy life?


A Time for Prayer

TRACY. PRAYER.This is a Time for Prayer

This is a time for prayer

  • A prayer that the cataracts now clouding the sight of so many be removed by Divine surgery so our vision is clear.
  • A prayer that Heaven be demonstrated on Earth as we live in ways that prove our believe in “as above, so below.”
  • A prayer that we study war no more and instead turn our attention to studying the nature of Harmony and refuse to be distracted by anything that appears otherwise.

This is a time for prayer.

  • A prayer for Spirit’s Highest Vision to magnetically pull us forward beyond any destination that can be reached by simply pushing away a temporary or uncomfortable pain.
  • A prayer for impatience, so our souls are troubled enough to accept Spirit’s call to take action.

This is a time for Prayer.

  • A prayer that inspires innovative remedies delivered by healing hands to eradicate this condition that is not just an intellectual inconvenience but a lethal and life threatening sickness.

This is a time for prayer.

  • A prayer that is the kindling in each individual soul that ignites a Spirit-Guided bonfire in the collective.

This is a time for prayer.

  • A prayer that is beyond any single personality because it is based on spiritual principle.
  • A prayer that is beyond words because it is expressed in actions.
  • A prayer that is beyond a minister’s sermon because it is lived by the masses.

So, today … and every day. Let. Us. Pray.

Alone and in groups. Let. Us. Pray.

On the streets and in the jails. Let. Us. Pray.

With our voices and with our feet. Let. Us. Pray.

In private and in public. Let. Us. Pray.

Silently and with great wailing. Let. Us. Pray.

For ourselves and for each other. Let. Us. Pray.


For this is a time for prayer.

Yours. And Mine.

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