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Change My Heart

23 Mar


“God speaks to us in the Qur’an saying that He will not change our condition until we change what is in our hearts and souls.”

Saleemah Abdul-Ghafur



Erase Exclusion

26 Jul


Archie Bunker on Equal Pay

15 Dec

Living in a “White Only” World (Jane Elliott)

29 Nov

Jane ElliottJane Elliott stirred emotions across the country when she divided children into groups to teach them about racial prejudice in the wake of Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination. Decades later, she is a woman still dedicated to bridging gaps. The following comment is from an interview in September 2012:

Most interesting was her view on how whites would live if they wanted to be racist, stating, “If you want to be racist, you have to give up everything.” She pointed out the inventions and contributions of blacks, and what a white racist would have to go without — living uncomfortably. “You need to walk barefoot through a street, and refuse a hospital visit because blacks created the car, left and right shoes, stoplights, and blood transfusion.” She also noted, “Your meals would not be as exciting with[out] rice coming from Asia, pasta from China, and peanut butter from a black man.” Read More

Gender Salary Gap

14 Nov