Stained Glass Spirit LogoThriving 21st century spiritual communities are easily compared to strong and beautiful stained glass windows. They are composed of many individual people who come together to create a deep and meaningful experience where everyone works together but each person can ALSO  shine as themselves at their best.

In a stained glass window, each piece of glass is needed to make it beautiful . . . the same way each person in your Spiritual Community is needed.

And when the light of the Sun shines through a stained glass window it illuminates everything in amazing array of color and life. When Spirit shines through each member of your Spiritual community the same thing happens.

Look at each person the way you look at your piece of glass. Welcome their differences. Welcome their unique contribution. Nurture their soul and their spirit.

When you consistently allow your best self be eternally fused with the best of each other person you will be a part of the Stained Glass Spirit shining within each individual and throughout the entire community.

Do your words, and actions, demonstrate a Stained Glass Spirit?


Tracy Brown is the founder of Stained Glass Spirit. After working for more than 20 years on diversity and inclusion strategy in organizations nationwide, she created Stained Glass Spirit to focus attention on “attracting diversity and creating inclusion” in New Thought spiritual communities.

In addition to her professional experience, Tracy has been a student of New Thought / Ancient Wisdom since 1986. Her book: “I Turn to Prayer”  is a collection of prayers and prayerful poems.  She is the recipient of the two highest honors from Centers for Spiritual Living: the Ernest Holmes Award (2017) and an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters (2021). She is uniquely qualified to be a bridge between organizational best practice, individual responsibility and Spiritual Truth.

Tracy is an accomplished speaker and a published author who is known for her ability to engage people in sensitive conversations. While the majority of her work includes all dimensions of diversity and building a practical strategy for inclusion, she is also well known for her contribution to initiatives focused on race, racism and race relations. She is the creator of the award-winning process used by Dallas Dinner Table. And, as a result of  Tracy’s ‘What is Mine to Do’ TEDx Talk she began moderating the Mine To Do Facebook Group which challenges people of faith to be proactive in reducing race-based hatred and violence.

Tracy has delivered training to more than 500,000 people in the past 20 years. In addition to working in corporations and associations nationwide, she has worked with a variety faith-based organizations. She has been a faculty member for Holmes Institute, is currently  a faculty member for Centers for Spiritual Living’s School for Spiritual Leadership and has also designed or delivered educational programs for American Baptist Churches USA, Evangelical Lutheran Churches of America and the United Methodist movement. She is a frequently requested speaker for Sunday services and has facilitated retreats or delivered workshops or webinars for more than 40 churches in the U.S. and Jamaica. In 2020, joined the faculty for both Unity Worldwide Ministries and the Johnnie Coleman Theological Seminary.

Tracy has produced or hosted several internet radio shows, including “Intentionally Inclusive,” a podcast specifically focused on what leaders of spiritual communities need to know and do to inspire inclusion. For more information about Tracy Brown, visit www.TracyBrown.com.

Download the Summary Document for Stained Glass Spirit – Tracy Brown – 2018

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