The Nones

6 Jan
The Nones are those who are “religiously unaffiliated.”

“Nones don’t want to be “captured’; no one does. And I don’t hear them much talking about believing, belonging, and behaving. The Nones with whom I’ve talked are interested in being. They have an organic sense of being in the world that is in itself a site of spiritual depth. They want to live in that space without feeling that they have to make a declaration of belief or identity or anything like that. They do not want the assumption that once they make a commitment to something that that will never change. To stay in relationship with Nones—and that really needs to be the goal rather than keeping them or getting them back—we need a deeper understanding of spiritual pluralism and of the dynamics of personal and spiritual change over the course of a much longer lifetime. That means we have to think hard about how we can sustain relationships with people who are stopping in, not seeing them as potential members, but as whole human beings.”

Elizabeth Drescher

Full Interview here:

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