Anyone who Equates Oneness with Sameness . . .

Oneness–NOT Sameness
from the Heaven Starts with You BLOG
by Celestial Aspirations

Last summer I decided to forsake all other life pursuits and devote myself to healing myself, something I had realized was long overdue and imperative if I was ever going to stop my suffering. I sought out an EFT practitioner (Emotional Freedom Technique) for therapy. We had a fairly rocky relationship, as therapist-client relationships go. That was due to the fact that, as an EFT practitioner, she was not in any way educated as a therapist or otherwise suited to treat emotionally unstable individuals and wasn’t even intuitively tuned in to how she should behave while treating one (yes, I’m the emotionally unstable individual in this scenario, and in many others <IMG class=wp-smiley alt= src=””&gt; ). One of the ideas that she had espoused was the idea that “We are all one.” Now, I saw The Secret and What the Bleep Do We Know, and I agree with the philosophy of “Oneness” (non-dualism). However, what irked me was that my EFT practitioner would repeat that statement at times, almost as if I had pushed a button on her, whenever I would be explaining to her that no one understands me, as if the fact that “We are all one” necessitates that everyone on the planet understand me (and each other), as if “Oneness” is synonymous with “sameness.” In fact, she would repeat the two phrases “We are all one” and “We are all the same” as if one could not be true without the other being true. I rebelled inside myself every time she said that, for I saw and knew intuitively it was not only wrong, but impossible.

The problem with intuition, though, is that it only tells you what is, it doesn’t explain why or how, or give any information at all about the subject at hand, leaving you to try and deduce the riddle from its answer. Thus, I pondered the reasons for my inner rebellion to my EFT practitioner’s presumption that Oneness=sameness, in the hopes of identifying the truth about this issue. I recalled hearing from many different sources how each human being and soul is unique and fulfills a very specific function based on its unique make-up and gifts. I imagined a human being, a body. A human body is one. One entity. But in order for that body to be that one living entity, that oneness does not mean that all within the one body are the same, but, in fact, that oneness necessitates that all within the body be different from one another. To have a body, you need a head, torso, arms, hands, legs and feet. I acknowledge that you can have one of any body part, one hand, one heart, etc., on its own, but then these “ones” are lifeless, dead flesh. It is impossible for one heart, or many hearts, to have life. I have never yet seen a body made up only of one or multiple right hands, for example, yet they are the same. It is impossible for the parts that make up the whole to be “the same.” When we say “We are One,” we mean that we are all parts that make up a whole. How, then, has it come to be understood that it could even be possible that we are the same?

It is in being ONE that we all are inherently different from one another. Look at your own body, look at your hands and arms, think about your joints and all the organs inside. Watch a movie about human anatomy and consider all of the dramatically different elements working inside you, how vastly different from one another all the parts that make your body one single functioning entity are and how, if they were all the same, you would just have a big lump of detached, decaying, lifeless flesh.

Upon further analysis of the semantics of these two words (”Oneness,” “sameness”) and of the deductions put forth above, I reached an understanding that logic and semantics dictate that it be absolutely impossible for a universal One to be in a state of sameness, either with itself or with something within itself. The reason for this is that sameness requires that there be two separate entities. If you have a state of sameness, you necessarily have duality, two separate things which you are comparing, which is the polar opposite to Oneness. Therefore, the claim or belief that “Oneness” can or does co-exist with “sameness” is an indication of mindless, misunderstood dogma, or else someone who is misrepresenting him or herself as someone who doesn’t believe in duality.

In conclusion, through this thought process, I realized that my rebellion to my EFT practitioner stemmed from my intuitive feeling that, under some noble and wise banner of truth, she was preaching to me things she had no clue about and which I, as her client, was supposed to mindlessly absorb, as if I were a student of her wisdom. She had memorized some New Age dogma and had no understanding of it. Like the followers of most organized religions or other type of group, she had heard something within her chosen religion and committed it to memory with no understanding of it and that kind of mindless, drone-like adherence to a group disturbs me sometimes, especially times when I’m seeking guidance and help from the drone in question.

So remember, anyone who equates Oneness with sameness has no understanding of either state.

Each of us, unique and different among ourselves, we are like snowflakes, no two souls alike, as we dwell together within One.


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