Appreciate the Inventiveness and Richness of Diversity

Oneness is not Sameness
from The Interdimensional Choir of Light BLOG

channeled by Andrea Puddu
October 2009

“When we admire Your continuous, powerful, multi-thousand-year, wide-ranging Creations, we never stop to appreciate the inventiveness and richness of our common Creative Source.

We see You inspired by the countless aspects of Your desires and longings and moving from them to colorful beauties as a result. Ad even if You sometimes grumble about the absence of what You often consider a lack instead of a source of creativity, we rejoice in the terrific miracles that take birth from Your aspirations and from the so-called needs.

However, some of You seem to be very concerned about the possibility that others can choose to live and create different paradigms and are very disappointed by the multiple perspectives that people tend to create as a result of their interactions.

No one of You decided to experience Your density to walk others’ path. From the larger picture You had before, You were so interested in walking alone, not only being not very interested in others’ agreement but even enthusiastic about others’ discord, aware of how much beauty was in the rainbowy variety coming out of it. You were delighted by knowing that the beauty of Your steps was unique and Your beauty would have shined even more in addition and in relationship to others’ unique beauty.

You like the word “sharing”. Particularly those of You that are so interested in evolution and spirituality. And when we talk about walking alone some of You seem to feel hurt in Your spiritual feelings.

Walking alone does not mean that You cannot share Your visions. It simply means that sharing is enjoying other’s perspective and honoring it. And this powerful attitude to enjoy other’s difference can only come by Your ability to understand that You are creators and no creation is wrong or dangerous. Except, possibly, for those taking part in them, intentionally or unconsciously. Your co-creation part, depending on Your focus, makes You part of it or apart from it on the only basis of Your attention.

Pay attention to the so-called spiritual words. In fact, words like Soul, Truth, God, Love, and lots of others, caused much more unhappiness than the words on warriors’ glossaries.

Words always come “after” Experience. And when words become the field of discord You can be sure that experience is not present in the speakers.

Walk alone and enjoy and honor variety. Make Variety Your divinity and Your Divinity will surely and powerfully emerge. When smiles are absent try to find Your unique path again. And You will smile. And so will do others.”


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